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Fostering Growth With Goals-Based Wealth Management


In 1999, Wealthcare Capital Management started making noise with our goals-based wealth management software platform. Now, the entire financial advising industry has started singing our tune. But Wealthcare Capital Management didn’t just strike the first notes. We invented the instrument itself.

We’re proud of our leading role, yet who we are goes far beyond our patented process, cutting-edge technology or sophisticated infrastructure. Ultimately, our creations are all just tools for promoting our true passion: Transformational wealth management that replaces daily worries with lifelong confidence and achievement.

We invented goals-based wealth management because we think it gives advisors and their clients the best platform in the world to build their lives and exceed their goals. So, we don’t measure our success in returns or account values, but in fulfillment — measured one client at a time.

From our perspective:

We designed every aspect of our organization to promote these beliefs and create lasting, positive change in the financial services industry. After more than 15 years on this mission, we know one thing is true: Empowering someone else to fulfill their goals — and knowing your hard work contributed to their achievement — is one of the most satisfying experiences you can have in our industry.

We live and work for this feeling, and we welcome new relationships with advisors, investors and enterprises who share our commitment.