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Power Your Practice with Financeware

The Original Goals-Based Wealth Management Platform

Our patented Financeware technology helps advisors make their clients’ life goals a reality by connecting their investments to their aspirational dreams and priorities.

Comfort Zone® “Where’s My Dot?” monitoring manages future confidence to achieve life goals while avoiding excessive risk and lifestyle sacrifice. This approach transforms advisor-client conversations to focus more on life goals than market performance.

A History of Innovation

When we originally invented Financeware in 1999, this goals-based planning revolution was the first Monte Carlo Simulation engine for financial professionals all captured in a unique patented 6-step Comfort Zone® planning process.

  1. Ideal & Acceptable Life Goals - more focus on what clients care most about: their lives.
  2. Goal Trade-Offs & Priorities - deeper understanding for better life planning guidance.
  3. Lifetime Simulations & Scenarios - unique forward-looking analytics with what-if testing.
  4. Comfort Zone Recommendation - easy to understand plan directly tied to client life goals.
  5. Investment Strategy - seamless 2-way link between financial planning and investing.
  6. Monitoring & Advice - quarterly guidance that connects investments with clients’ life goals.

Key Enterprise and Advisor Users

Since 2003, Financeware has powered Wells Fargo’s Envision planning tool, and is white labeled at other enterprise firms and used by Wealthcare and its advisors.

  • Enterprise: e.g. Wells Fargo Advisors, HD Vest, United Capital, BB&T, BlackRock
  • Advisors: e.g. over 30,000 wealth advisors, 1+ million plans and $1+ billion in assets

Key Benefits for Enterprises, Advisors and their Clients

  • Acquire & Retain More Clients - more focus on what clients care most about: their life
  • Deepen Client Relationships - life goal conversations that shift selling to guidance
  • Increase Share of Wallet - uncover hidden assets and consolidate held-away assets
  • Cross-Sell Products & Services - investments, insurance, tax, estate, health, family