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Wealthcare Business Models

Working with Wealthcare | A Business Model Comparison

Determine which model suits your practice.

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Branch Office Blueprint

If you’ve ever contemplated starting your own advisory firm with a vision
toward reaching a billion dollars of assets under management, Wealthcare
Advisory Partners LLC (Wealthcare) is looking to partner with you.

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LPL Financial: A Leader in RIA Custody

A brief over view of RIA Custody 

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Overcoming Transition Hurdles


  • Separating Myth from Reality
  • 3 Keys for Transition Success
  • Partner with LPL for a Successful Move
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The Hybrid RIA Advantage

Growing numbers of breakaway advisors are choosing the Hybrid RIA model. What’s the
appeal—and what do advisors need to know before making the switch?

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What's Wealthcare

Wealthcare is a financial advisory platform that aligns your money with what matters most to you, empowering you to make better decisions to help you exceed your life goals.

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Principled Wealth Solutions

Learn more about our disciplined investment choices that are

1) cost-effective

2) risk-managed

3) goal-connected 

4) aligned with investor preferences

We believe this is the most effective way to help clients stay the course, and remain committed to their chosen investment strategy; thus avoiding behavioral missteps, and enabling them to confidently fund the goals they value most.

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Wealthcare Capital Management Client Brochure

Life + Investing

Aligning Assets with Goals for Pursuing a Fulfilling Life

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Interview & Discovery

The first time a Wealthcare advisor talks with a client is more than a meeting to discuss finances. It is the start of a Goals-Based relationship that transcends the advisor-client experience for all parties involved.

Client Facing
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Why Wealthcare

We continue to pioneer the evolution of goals-centric guidance and financial advising.

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Monitoring & Advice

Planning vs. Plan

Creating a plan is just the beginning. Become indispensable to your clients by providing ongoing, life-relative advice.  


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Interview & Discovery

It all starts with a great conversation. 

The Wealthcare process fosters deeper conversations and offers insight into your clients’ life goals and


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Introducing Clients To Wealthcare

Show your clients how their dreams take on real meaning within the Wealthcare process. 

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The Wealthcare Client Questionnaire

Understanding your clients' life goals and their priorities among the goals means understanding your clients. By rethinking risk in terms of meeting specific goals-such as retiring early or traveling the world--rather than using mathematical risk tolerances, you are better able to understand your clients' needs and to create investment strategies that meet those needs. Our Wealthcare questionnaire is the first step in this process.

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